Thin Films Expertise

Unbalanced linear magnetron designed for reactive sputter deposition

About Alacritas

Dr Rick Spencer, who founded Alacritas, has worked in vacuum coating and thin films for over 30 years. He is the author of many thin film patents and technical papers on thin films, magnetron sputtering, surface modification and thin film processes. He was Research and Development Manager for 10 years at Applied Vision working with magnetron sputter deposition technology for optical coatings. Rick has experience in a wide variety of thin film and vacuum coating applications including :-

  • optical coatings
  • optical data storage
  • architectural coatings
  • barrier coatings
  • medical sensors
  • decorative coatings
  • thin film batteries
  • aircraft canopies
  • low-e coatings
  • low surface energy treatments
  • displays
  • solar control coatings