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Thin Film Characterization

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Thin Film Characterization

Thin films can be characterized many different ways, for any given thin film we are normally only interested in three or four crucial properties. These important properties will vary from application to application. The most common thin film properties and their associated measurement techniques are listed below :-
  • Thickness (spectrophotometer, ellipsometer, step height, Electron microscope, RBS, quartz crystal monitor)
  • Optical properties : refractive index, extinction coefficient, transmission, reflection, absorbtion(spectrophotometer, ellipsometer)
  • Electrical conduction (4 point probe, eddy current)
  • Crystal structure (TEM, XRD)
  • Microstructure (SEM)
  • Chemical/Elemental Composition (AES, XPS, EDAX, SIMS)
  • Thin film stress (Curvature of coated sample)
  • Thin film adhesion (Tape test, pull tester)

Alacritas uses most of these on a regular basis for thin film characterization. Please contact us if you're interested in having your thin films or coatings characterized.

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