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These links are to web sites of other thin film and vacuum businesses that we know. We hope you find them useful.
Transparent conducting ITO coatings from Diamond Coatings Diamond Coatings Ltd. provide transparent conducting ITO coatings onto a wide range of materials. Index matching and AR coats can also be produced.
Anti reflection optical coatings, optical coating, thin film coatings, anti reflection coatings, dichroic coatings, gas detection filters Gas Detection Filters and Dichroic Filters from Vortex Optical Coatings Ltd. Providers of Anti Reflection Coatings, Optical Coating, Thin Film Coatings and Anti Reflection Optical Coatings.
Huettinger sputter, bias and arc power supplies Power supplies for sputter, bias, ion, arc and plasma applications
Loughborough Surface Analysis Surface analysis for thin film composition and problem solving.
Stratox - replacement Polycold refrigerants Stratox is a leading producer of replacement Polycold refrigerants.