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Here are various thin films papers and application notes that Alacritas has been involved in. We hope that you find them useful and interesting. If you would like more information on any of these then please contact us.
Title Description
Application notes These application notes are single page introductions to various thin film areas.
Anti Reflection coating durability and adhesion on Hard Coats (287 kB PDF)

An article on Anti-reflection coat durability, published in Optical World
anti-reflection coating adhesion
The adhesion and durability of anti-reflection coatings on hard coated plastic substrates is measured and described for thermal and UV cured hard coat.
ITO for transparent shielding and Anti-static applications (193 kB PDF)

A paper given at EMCUK 2004, prepared with Diamond Coatings Ltd.
In this paper we aim to give a design guide for choosing and using Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coatings. Typical ITO antistatic and EMC coatings are described and their performance described.
Coating improvements through better control of water vapour in vacuum deposition (150 kB PDF)

A paper given at the AIMCAL Fall Technical Conference 2003, prepared with S-10 Technology (formerly 'Telemark Cryogenics')
This paper
  1. discusses the layout and gas loads of a web coating plant
  2. analyzes the expected vacuum for a variety of water vapour cryo-pump placements
  3. recommends a cryo-coil both in the winding zone and in the deposition zone for best vacuum (driven from a single cryo-plant)
Infra red Laser Endpoint detection (161 kB PDF)

A paper prepared with BOC Intellemetrics. Presented at Dry etching - advances and trends, IOP 22nd Jan. 2003 and published in J. Phys. D.

A description of the benefits of Infra red lasers for endpoint detection. These are important for plasma etching of MEMS, integrated optics and deep semiconductor structures. New Capabilities include:-
  1. monitoring of deep (100s of microns) etches into Si
  2. in-situ thickness measurement
  3. end point detection on either
    • remaining thickness
    • etch depth
Surface analysis and optical coatings (288 kB PDF)

Work done together with Loughborough Surface Analysis showing reverse engineering of an optical coating by combining optical thin film calculations with surface analysis and depth profiling.

The dichroic reflector in a tungsten halogen mini-spotlight is taken as a familar example. This coating is investigated through a combination of methods.
  1. depth profiled by Auger electron spectroscopy
  2. reflection spectroscopy
  3. using the resulting depth and composition analysis an optical model is made
  4. the model is refined in stages showing the effect of each feature of the depth profile
  5. comparison between the measured reflection curve and the predicted curve from the depth profile
Water vapour Cryo-pumping in coating applications (188 kB PDF)

Application note on water vapour cryo-pumps. Prepared with S-10 Technology (formerly 'Telemark Cryogenics')
Water is the dominant species in most vacuum systems. It can form as much as 97% of the gas remaining in the vacuum. This application note covers:-
  1. Why water vapour cryo-pumping is essential for removal of water from a vacuum
  2. How water vapour cryo-pumping removes water and why it is much more effective than other types of pumping.
  3. Advantages and benefits of efficient removal of water from vacuum systems.