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High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) POWER SUPPLIES

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  • Output Voltage : 1 - 3 kV
  • Output Current : 1 - 6 kA
  • Pulse energies from 1 to 18 MW
  • Pulse length upto 200 microseconds
  • Pulse frequency upto 1kHz
  • Average power 2 to 30 kW

HIPIMS power supplies deliver short megaWatt pulses into the plasma. The pulses are of 1000A or more at up to 3 kV, but are only 100 microseconds or so long, this keeps the average power down (kW range) and makes HIPIMS usable on even small laboratory plasma systems. The plasma density during the pulses is very high and this gives very high ionization compared to DC magnetron plasmas.

HMP POWER SUPPLIES from Huettinger


  • Regulated peak power,
  • Active arc suppression
  • Regulated pulse duration,
  • Regulated pulse frequency,
  • HFC High Frequency Conversion technology,
  • Simultaneous voltage,current and power regulation,
  • Excellent dynamic regulation for voltage, current and power.
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